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The Advantages Of 3D Volume Lashes
If you have tried artificial eyelashes in the past and were not happy with the results, or if you are curious about all the buzz around the new options in lash extensions, you owe it to yourself to try 3D Volume Lashes.
These are not the same, heavy and fake looking lashes of the past. They are individual fans of lashes, and they can be applied to supplement current lashes or to create a subtle or a significant increase in volume across the entire lash.
The Method
With 3D Volume Lashes, there are three different lashes in the fan that applied to the original, natural lash. This gives a full, complete look to even sparse, short eyelashes. It is also possible to add more than two extensions when needed to give an even thicker and fuller look. They come in different thickness and lengths to suit the look you want to achieve.
It is important to note, these are very natural looking lashes, and it is impossible to tell 3D Volume Lashes from your natural lashes when applied correctly. The process uses a very small amount of glue to apply the individual artificial lash, which gives a light, soft and very natural look rather than the heavy, chunky look associated with older types of artificial lashes.
With the use of these types of volume lashes, many women find they can avoid the use of mascara completely, without having to sacrifice the dramatic look of long, full eyelashes.